A family for a month


Hello. I come from northern Germany and I am 21. I am studying business administration. In my free time I am doing fitness sports, meet my friends, get involved in students movement. How did I come to spend one month in another country? First of all, as a young man, I am interesting in seeing the world so I thought that the project of living in a small provisional community is a good chance to see other country. Furthermore, it gives me a chance to practice Christian religion for a longer period of time.


Hey! My name is Sebastian and I’m 19 years old. As I come back from Switzerland I will start studying medicine in Tübingen. In my free time I like meeting friends and travelling around the world to meet new people and cultures. Furthermore I enjoy reading and engage myself in the local youth-church, trying to find new ways of talking about faith. Another hobby – and I have to admit a very big one – is music. For many years I play the piano and the church organ. Because doing music together is much better than alone, I play in different bands and like accompanying choirs. In Taizé music plays a big role too. With its openness, simplicity and spirituality and a clear commitment to peace and charity this place has captivated me since my first visit in 2013. Now I’m very excited of bringing this into Switzerland.


I love foreign langauges. I use them to read, entertain myself and pray. What I find awesome in Taize is the kind of silence you cannot enjoy anywhere else. I can barely imagine my life without singing, hitchhiking, climbing the mountains and just listening to people. Maybe I will become a psychotherapeutic. Who knows. Now I am just a translator. My favourite dish is pancakes with spinach filling. My favourite Taize-song is a choral Magnificat.



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