Flowers grow in the church

Have you ever seen the flowers growing in the middle of the church in the centre of Europe? This is exactly what we came across in the parish church of Thalwal, where we held some Taize prayers. Amazing! In the main nave they set a natural installation for the Lent. Around Ash Wednesday they planted many flowers in a huge box. They are going to blossom around Easter time. What a symbol! I am one of those flowers. I have a special gardener named Holy Spirit who brings me spiritual food day by day.  This food is regular prayer, daily biblical readings and discussions with our hosts and community brothers long into the night. Thanks to this I grow and become more beautiful. We can only imagine what the flowers in Thalwal will look like in the Resurrection Sunday. We can only guess what flower I will become. My gardener is awesome, so I also hope to be awesome. I just have to keep my leaves opens to HIS water and never forget that HE want me to blossom colourfully for others , not just for myself.



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