Prayer on wheels


Just a week ago at the same time, the three of us were sitting in the bus to Chalon. The start of our journey was also the start of our adventure “small provisional community”, and none of us knew what would be in store for us in Switzerland.

Right now we’ve been living here in this beautiful region for as many as seven days. In those days we haven’t just got acquainted with our three host parishes and our tasks but also with each other. We look back at a week full of hearty meetings and interesting conversations with the inhabitants of Oberrieden, Thalwil and Langnau, which definitely helped us to settle in. Our schedule is as manifold as the three parishes. And so we experienced the first week as a varied mixture of prayers, services, conferences, practical work, conversations and much more. In particular we’ve grown to like our calendar which is a trusty companion to us three “business people of Taize” on our commutes between the three communes.

However, the well-stuffed calendar and different places of activity resulted in an unforgettable occurrence: Actually it was time for midday prayer but we were driving from Thalwil to Langnau. Suddenly one of us started to sing “Confitemini Domino” and we joined in. A bible text was quickly found, and so the “prayer on wheels” took shape.

One of multiple unforgettable events of this first week, and many more will follow …



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