There are young people and young people.

In the first week we have already worked with many young people. Firstly we worked with children aged 2 to 3. Like all kids, they were very loud and hyperactive. I needed to show a lot of patience to handle them, but at the end it was funny because when I saw them running and playing I recalled my childhood because I was quite like them.

Secondly we worked with pupils aged 12-13 as a part of the Lent project that deals with landgrabbing. They were very curious and worked very hard. In our workshops they had good ideas and phantasy.

Thirdly we worked with confirmands. We got to know two types of them. On the one hand there were undisciplined and nasty types. It wasn’t the problem for me to handle them, but to teach them Taize-stuff was an issue because they were not interested.  On the other hand we worked with confirmands who were very kind and interested, so it made a lot of fun to share with them our Taize experiences. I hope we were able to convince them to give it a try.







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