From the diary of an altar boy who became a preacher



How peculiar is a life of three novice altar boys who jumped into the bandwagon of serving in three parishes at a time, each of them coming from a different cultural region – North Germany, South Germany and Poland!  Many questions and magic words make us vulnerable to mistakes. It is sometimes good to make mistakes. Big entrance, little entrance, (kleiner und großer Einzug), How should we approach the altar? Who goes first? To bow or to kneel? Who kneels first? On which knee? Did an

elderly organist understand well how many time to play a Taize song?  Why on earth didn’t the priest tell the Creed as we agreed? Each parish has its own rules. This confusion is kind of beautiful. Swiss altar boys have more splendid costumes than Polish ones, but on the football pitch, they would probably little to say against their colleagues from central-eastern Europe.  Yesterday we were temporarily promoted from altar boys to preachers, as in the course of the sermon we were asked: “What advice for life would you give us?” To stroll between the pew aisles with a mic was a pleasure and an honour.  To see people laughing and smiling was a reward. By the way,  We, Taize boys gain experience day by day. Indeed we could take over the whole Mass – one would play the organ, another would, give a sermon, yet another would do perfect reading. Oh, sorry…. we still need a priest!

But don’t worry. We are working on it!




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