Is faith in Zurich dead?

We are living 20 km away from the most expansive city of Europe and third most expensive one worldwide. Budget travellers: beware of Zurich. Germans themselves are sometimes shocked by the prices here. 7 EUR for the smallest item in Subway. 15 EUR for throat lozenge, 35 EUR  for a simple haircut. Some churches too charge an entrance fee.

Although the bishop of Kur who is in charge of the Swiss diocese where we live stated recently that the Switzerland has become a mission country, there are many highlights that faith in this city is not dead – and I don’t mean just many church towers that rise high above the city.


One of those towers crowns the church of St. James.


It is the most Taize-like church in Zurich with an atmosphere around just like in the Burgundy.


Tehre are no chairs inside. On our city tour we chose it for our midday prayer.


The faith is not dead here, even though the special church service we joined in the evening with the whole 1. Letter of John being read was attended but just 10 people  For youth there is a special church here. For travellers there is a chapel in the railway station. For the musicians there is a fie-storey music shop with one a separate floor devoted to sacral pianos! (They had 8 floors, but had to reduce only because of exorbitant rental charges).

Is faith dead? Tasting the Swiss Fondue in one of the open street restaurants we discussed whether it is better to have a full church with many people coming because of tradition, fear, reputation etc. or a small community of enthusiastic and committed followers of Christ.

Faith dies and is born at the sime time. Faith is like a diverse green garden, maybe the one belonging to the Jesuit convent where we strolled for a while.




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